Devil + Lovers + Wheel of Fortune + Strenght

Hello, guys! It's my first time posting here. I've been lurking (a lot!) and finally had the courage to post.

I've asked for some important things ahead of me and pulled 5 cards. Those months have been tough as heck and I needed some good tarot advice.

So, first, there was a card exclusive from the deck used (it's my mom's! Very old and cute. It's mainly Rider Waite based, though it has two unique cards, if that helps), so I understand you guys can't help me much on that one. It was called Wealth, and it represents all the good things we have/can have in our lives. It started great, but…

Right after, came Devil, Lovers, Wheel of Fortune and Strength. That was the most crazy combination for me at first… so, I'm going to tell some insights I had and ask your opinions!

For The Devil, I was going through a lot, dealing with some bad things and kinda came back to some bad (and addicting) habits… maybe it has to do with that? (I'm working on cutting it again, though. That leads to the other card)

For the Lovers: I know this card isn't exclusive to relationships, so I thought it might have to do with the Devil, since they're kind of related. Maybe being able to cut down those bad habits, stepping out of this energy and find harmony. Something good after the storm.

The Wheel of Fortune… maybe things are changing because of that? I hope so! I've been trying to change little by little so maybe I'll be able to see it happening. I know it has a lot to do with Karma and reaping what you sow.

And then Strength… the only one that I don't have any insight and that's bugging me. I don't usually pull that card, so it's meaning easily slips my mind. Maybe it's the state of mind I'll be after all those things? Or could it be another event that's going to happen?

Since I found those combinations very new, I thought it'd be nice to share and see what you guys think about it! Thanks for reading, have a nice day. <3

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