Did a Celtic cross tarot to get more insight on potentially starting my dream job

Hi there! I’m using the rider-Waite deck and asked tarot about what I need to know to move forward in terms of my career and this upcoming job opportunity I’m an artist who’s recently interviewed for my dream job which is to be the executive assistant to the CEO of a MAJOR record label you all have probably heard of.

I did this Celtic cross for clarity and am now feeling lost and disappointed? Lots of reversals on here and reversals always make me feel slightly stuck and/or defeated. I thought this was a great opportunity to get my foot in the door in music. even though I’ll be an assistant the job has amazing perks and opportunities working along side artists. I still want to make music on my own as well so I really am unsure of what this is trying to tell me

My interpretation related to more deeply personal emotional things regarding other areas in my life so I found it hard to relate it to work/career

I think overall that

  1. Signifier: it’s saying I value community and togetherness and my ideas and visions are not conventional (the hierophant reversed).

    1. Obstacle: I’m single currently distracted by the idea of love and having a partner
    2. Conscious Influence: page of pentacles reversed? That I’m lazy in terms of creating?
    3. Root/Unconscious: vi of swords :/ that I’m not letting go of something

5: Past: (vi of pentacles)I used to be a nurse and am extremely compassionate in all areas of my life and it’s never really equal even though I’m deserving of the same

  1. Future: Page of wands reversed; that I feel like people in my career know more or are ahead of me or something?

  2. 7 of cups: that there’s something I’m not addressing emotionally. Cutting off family and friends that no longer serve me

8 Environment: (wheel of fortune reversed). That it’s going to be down hill if I end up revisiting my past or trying to hold on to people and things that no longer align with me OR bad work environment??

  1. Hopes and fears: Ace of wands reversed. Not sure quite sure how to interpret

  2. Outcome temperance reversed: I’m 7 months sober and have made a lot of positive changes and honestly have no idea how this could relate to work or my future. That the job going to make me unbalanced?

Any insight helps. this doesn’t feel like a positive reading with all reversals

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