Did a reading for a job prospect but kinda worried about my last pull.

So I have an interview coming up for a job that would be great for me, lots of PTO, government benefits, paid holidays, etc.

I asked the cards today about it.

Got some pretty predictable pulls for my first two, (I use the Herbcrafters deck so the cards are bit different but I'll post their correspondences with a standard tarot)

Eight of fire (wands) reversed, and The Hermit

So,you know, I don't like change and I need to do some self reflection, okay I knew that, pretty much.

Then I pulled my third:

Six of Earth (pentacles) REVERSED.

Now I take every reading with a grain of salt, and I know many factors can skew a reading, but damn I just was taken aback, especially with this being a huge upgrade from my current job, not just financially but in terms of my spare time, my benefits, and such, as well.

I do have another job opportunity as well, but isn't my first choice, perhaps it's a sign I won't get the one I want and the other is bit more demanding of my time?

I'm thinking maybe my insecurities are reflecting here, like I'm scared it's gonna work out and I'll be diverting a my time to trying to make it work? Or I won't be good enough?

I guess I'm just trying to see if anyone sees something that I'm missing here, as I tend to struggle with the big picture the cards make.

I mean I'm probably taking this job if I get it regardless though, it was just worrying.

I could see the cards being better if I omit the reversed ones and re read it as a full upright pull, as I honestly just started doing reversals, but I don't get reversals often so I see it as my deck wanting it to be read as a reversal.

I'll be doing a re-reading later too, so we'll see what comes up later too.

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