Did a relationship reading for an SP

Was looking for a little additional input on a relationship reading I did for my SP. He left home several weeks ago and never came back. After a few weeks of Mercurial Wreck'trograde like chaotic communication (if any,) and not knowing what happened with all of the scary tower cards that came up, we had a good talk to clear the cobwebs. I would like a fresh start in our relationship, so I did a reading on it today. I am thinking it looks pretty positive but I do not want to be biased.

The Deck I used is New Palladini Tarot. All upright, no reversals.

How I see myself – 2 of wands – I’ve been looking to the future to figure out what I want to do next. Ive been thinking about the past, what I need to work on to rectify things. And where to begin in the now.

How I see my partner – The Fool – Since he left, he’s been camping with his mom, sort of free-spiriting around, being detached and ‘seeming’ like he’s not really acting worried or caring about anything. I'm not the biggest fan of this card tbh. Like doing the vanlife thing.

How I feel about him – 9 of Cups – He is the sock to my foot and the velcro to my shoe. I really felt my wish came true when we were together. I felt like I had it all and wanted to show him off.

What stands between me and my partner – 2 of cups – He is my partner. Bert and Ernie. I can spot him from miles away in a crowd.

How my partner sees me – Ace of Cups – A new beginning in the relationship? The seed planted for a fresh start?

How my partner feels about me – The Lovers – He did make the choice to leave. But he did say he loved me very much, but was at a crossroads as to of what to do.

Present status or challenge of relationship – Temperance – Patience? I'm pounding my fist on the table impatiently wanting things to come to fruition. Is this card about balancing as well?

Thank you all kindly for any input!

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