Did Dame Darcy steal this art? Mermaid Tarot vs Tarot of Mermaids by Lo Scarabeo

Many tarot enthusiasts and readers are familiar with the mermaid themed indie tarot deck by Dame Darcy but I was shocked to find her work may not be as original as she claims. Minutes ago I came across an old blog post by Benebell Wen discussing the uncomfortable similarities between these two tarot decks and I'm honestly shocked.

At first I was skeptical; RWS copies tend to have a certain 'look' but as I continued to see comparisons of the two decks it was clear. There's no reason for the hermits robes to flow in the same shape or the oars to match up the way they do in the X of Wands Any thoughts are appreciated.

p.s. Due to the personal nature of benebells blog I can't post a link but if anyone is interested in looking into this for themselves I recommend typing "recycled art Dame Darcy" into any search engine.

UPDATE: I reached out to Dame Darcy via their website and they claim "all of my decks are individually hand drawn with the same pen and ink with water color style ive used for 30 years to publish over 100 titles of graphic novels and 3 tarot decks" Still having some serious doubts about the originality of these cards.,,

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