did I make a mistake??

An account on IG messaged me saying my name called to them and asked if they would like me to consider me for a reading… I was bored and stupid and just wanted to know what they'd say, and she said i could donate whatever I want so I sent her 15 bucks. Anyway it was through text and what said wasn't really a general reading (that's what I asked for) and she said someone in my family cursed me as a child and I should be further in life but because of that curse I'm not. That sounded super shady to me and don't believe it. Then she said to get rid of it I have to do a sacrifice cleansing ritual at the temple?? And I told her I don't want to do that right now and I'll get back to her when I'm ready (just to be polite) lol but now my anxiety is making me overthink. She messaged me again a couple min ago asking how i was and hopes everything goes well for me. I'm kinda freaking out that she could've put a spell on me or my family now:( is that possible??? Reviews

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