Did the spirit scale spread : need help

Deck used : Rider-Waite Smith

Spread used : Spirit scale from the deck Mystical Medleys (I don't have the deck, but I saw it from the unboxing videos). It goes like this :

  1. The Heart Chakra : what's most dear to my heart
  2. The Throat Chakra : what message can I bring to the world
  3. Third Eye Chakra : what my intuition is trying to tell me
  4. The Crown Chakra : what I need to move beyond my limitations
  5. The Root Chakra : what I must hold on to to stay grounded
  6. The Sacral Chakra : the secret of my creativity
  7. Solar Plexus Chakra : what I draw power from – because I'm secular, I see "power" in a secular way (for example, if someone is particularly determined in what they do, their power is determination)

Cards pulled and interpretation in comments !

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