Did you ever give a reading that turned out to be very wrong?

I recently did a reading for someone. When they explained their romantic interest and how they received romantic signals from them, I was surprised. I didn't seem logical and personally, I didn't approve.

However, I did the reading (a video they downloaded). I was then very, very surprised that the cards said this relationship had a future if they approached it carefully. But I didn't pass judgement and sent it their way.

A few weeks later I received a message from this person that it went catastrophically wrong. The person they were interested in no longer wants to be contacted again. Obviously, I'm heartbroken for them and I'm probably going to refund them even though it's against my policy.

My accuracy rate is normally very high. Perhaps something went wrong in how they pursued it or our energies didn't match up. They did basically ask for an emergency reading and pushed me to finish it as quickly as possible, so maybe I just wasn't in the right state of mind. There have been tarot readers I didn't click with either despite enjoying their style.

Still, I wanted to know what other tarot readers think of this type of situation and how they've dealt with it in the past to keep their accuracy rates high.


I just looked on my calendar and realized that, this week, something bad was supposed to have in regard to my career. Huh. Now the cards are right, lol.

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