Didn’t receive a reading

Hello all I'm a tarot reader myself but I kinda wanted yall's input. So I decided to find someone trustworthy to read me so I went on Etsy to find one!

I read on myself but at times it gets a bit confusing so I decided ykw why not go to a fellow reader and get some clarity.

I found a nice shop that had enough reviews for me and I bought a love reading. In the note it says it may take 3-5 days to send readings. I shrug it off like hey I'm pretty busy anyways. A week goes by and nuthin. I waited an extra day just in case but now it's 7 pm and still no reading sent. am I trippin if I msg her asking about it?? I know there's ppl that have had to wait a month for popular readers to send them one so…idk never gotten them on etsy.

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