Different card meaning in guides

Deck name: Âme Tarot Deck from lamuci design

intention: I just ended things with my FWB and I asked what will happen between us. He took the news good but we are still going to talk about it.

Question: help with second opinion and especially how to inherent the present and future cards due to another meaning provided in the tarot guide of my deck

Spread: 3 card – past, present and future

Cards: – the lovers: we started with a lot of attraction and passion. We were very open and honest about starting something monogamous but with no serious expectations yet. We really had a connection. – this totally applies to how things were between us – the hermit: the guide on my deck says that this could mean "prudence, also and especially treason, dissimulation, corruption and roguery". This IMHO does not represent how things are going. I Google other interpretations and they indicate that I need some time alone to contemplate and appreciate myself. The reason why I decided to end things is because I felt no interest from his part and no support especially considering that I am going through some things at the moment. I am not sure how much weight should I give to the guide of my deck and other interpretations when the meaning is so different. – the two of cups: I am not sure how to interpret this. He mentioned he wanted me in his life and my friendship was more important to him. I'd guess this means more a long lasting partnership/friendship rather than a romantic one.

Thank you so much!

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