Disconnected from my deck

I discovered Tarot a few months back. I bought my own deck and began doing readings pretty consistently back in Dec 2021. I keep a journal of the questions I ask, the cards I pull, their meanings and my impression of the overall reading. At first, I had been very impressed with the accuracy of my readings.

I had been going through a very dark time and was in need of hope. I was waiting on a BIG decision to be made (one I had no control over) that would have a large impact on my career/future. The cards were reassuring in telling me the decision would be fair. The cards also predicted when I would get my answer- within the lunar cycle. I often used my cards to try to manifest the answer I wanted. I even started using a pendulum and felt for a while that it was a very useful tool.

My answer came mid February and it was better than I could have hoped! My readings and manifestations came true. I should feel happy, but instead I am riddled with anxiety and I feel totally lost.

During the waiting period, I often interpreted the cards as telling me I needed to make a career change. A lot of the same cards reappeared in different readings, which to me was positive sign that Tarot was effective. But now that the decision has been made, I have no idea what career move I should make. New cards are showing up in my readings and seemingly have no relevance to what I am asking. I wonder if my interpretations of the cards were biased and generally question the accuracy of my tarot readings altogether. Somehow the tool that was providing me with clarity now feels unfamiliar and difficult to interpret.

When I pick up my deck now, I just feel.. discouraged. I thought maybe I was over doing it, so I gave them a break. Today I sat down again and had another confusing reading.

Has anyone else gone through this? How did you overcome it?

Thanks everyone ♥️

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