Do I continue the relationship after this reading?

I’ve always had a fear in relationships of being abandoned, cheated on, or left. I believe it stems from childhood & it’s an anxious attachment.

I NEVER do romantic readings on myself because I prefer to just see where things go, and I’ve always known I’d overthink it.

This morning in a moment of weakness, I did a romantic reading ‘tell me everything I need to know about my relationship with XXX’

Well. First card: ten cups. Great.

Second card: 5 pentacles. Eh.

Last card: ten of swords. Fuck. My whole heart dropped.

This is my biggest fear, I feel our relationship is already strained because this is my worry. Why bother continuing with him if it’ll end like this?! If I keep going & this happens, I will regret ignoring it simply because I didn’t wanna hear it.

I told him about this whole thing and he’s asking if there’s anything he can do, and how much I believe in it. He’s always telling me ‘you have nothing to worry about regarding that’ and I can’t help but think about how many people are told that & they cheat anyway.

What do I do? Should I get a professional reading on this since I’m a total amateur? Will that even help?

I am at the stage where I am ready for marriage and kids and that’s where we are heading. I don’t wanna continue if this is destined to happen.

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