Do I go through the process again to get an unnecessary answer?

Background: Since 2017, I have been through numerous tests, numerous specialists, physical therapies and more tests, more results, etc etc etc. I have a slew of diagnoses, but I am 99% sure there is a specific one I’m missing to piece them all together. There is no real “benefit” to getting the diagnosis, there is no magical cure or anything like that. But it just makes me wonder, and based on how I’ve been feeling lately, I’ve been debating going after it. Not going after the dx will not affect my health.

But anyone who has been through a diagnostic process knows, it sucks. It really sucks. It’s rough and expensive. I finally have hit a spot where I don’t have regular appointments. Do I really want to start this up again?

Question: How am I going to feel going through another diagnostic process, will it be worth it in the end?

Spread: Rider-Wait tarot 3 card spread. How I feel now, how the process will be, how I’m going to feel after

Interpretation: I have worked diligently to get to the point I’m at (The World). Going through the diagnostic process will be tumultuous and exhausting (reverse Temperance). I will be exhausted and upset and bitchy the entire time (reverse Queen of swords)- so ultimately I think it may not be worth it.

I would love a second opinion if anyone has one!

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