Do other cards in the spread change the original meaning of the outcome card? Newbie here! Pls help

Hi, everyone. I did a relationship reading for myself since I’m really going through a lot with my boyfriend. It was a spread that was to read what caused our issue, how we’re feeling and then the outcome. That sort of thing. For the “outcome” I got a reversed 10 of swords so I was pretty satisfied with it since it’s what I felt would getting back together and patching things up. Well we aren’t really officially broken up but it’s just been complicated the past 2 weeks. I just read that the reversed 10 of swords can have 1 potential negative meaning though “depending on the spread” (idk exactly what that signifies) indicating that one person simply can’t move on while the other has? That meaning and the original/positive meaning of the inverted/reversed 10 of swords both seem to make sense though so now I’m confused :/ which is it? One is you stay together and it feels surreal bcus you thought it wouldn’t happen (true) and fix the relationship but then it says that the card can have a 1 particular negative meaning for people which is “one person just cant move on” ugh confusing. So my main question is do the other cards in the spread determine which of those meanings/fates/what have you are true for as far as outcome goes? If so, I can list the other 5 cards i got in order of the spread so that someone can help me with the outcome interpretation. That would be appreciated! Thanks for reading 🙂

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