Do tarot decks have a specific personality?

I just got the ‘Everyday Witch Tarot’ yesterday because my first deck (Tarot of Vampyres) was a bit complicated to read.

I had a bad day yesterday and decided to give out the new tarot deck a try. So I asked “Can you give me more insight of my day?” and pulled out the ‘Four of Wands.’ The energy felt more down-to-earth and more positive than usual. I feel like the card was trying to tell me to celebrate with my classmates and let my worries go to waste. Don’t overwhelm myself with the work and develop a bond with my classmates.

So I asked the same question to my ‘Tarot of Vampyres’ and pulled out ‘The Tower.’ It felt more blunt and described the negative side of that day. I feel like my world collapsed that moment and ran away from that space by leaving early. It’s telling me to use that bad day as an example to start anew and look things from a different perspective. This deck dives deep into a person’s soul and reveals the deepest thoughts. Like one time I did a reading for a lady and she ended up crying in the end and we hugged.

Four of Wands (Everyday Witch Tarot):

The Tower (Tarot of Vampyres):

P.S. The Tarot of Vampyres has such beautiful imagery that I’d recommend googling it ❤️

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