Do you ever get decks that just do not want to work with you?

I’ve had two so far. The first one was when I was getting into Tarot reading and wanted a real tarot deck (I’d been using Madame Endora’s Oracle card deck before) so went to a local shop, spent an hour debating which one, and bought a fairy themed deck. (I can’t remember the name of it, apologies) Reading it was so draining and difficult as compared to my Oracle cards. The deck was pretty, but just so hard to work with. I wondered if it was me. I ended up purchasing another deck, The Green Witch, and found it incredibly easy to work with by comparison. It was like reading a book normally with the Green Witch, versus reading a book in the dark without my glasses with the fairy deck. I did pass that deck on to another witch who was delighted to receive it and hasn’t cited any problems with it. Meanwhile I’ve bought one other deck I use, my Sakura cards (counted as an Oracle deck since it’s from the anime Cardcaptor Sakura) and no issues with it. This Christmas I received another tarot deck, the Herbal tarot. I of course went through and cleansed and charged it, and when I went to interview the deck about itself, it basically stated it didn’t want to work with me. I have no other way to put it beyond that. I guess I just wasn’t expecting so many picky decks to pass through my hands. Anyone else here experience something similar?

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