Do you ever get freaked out by accuracies in your readings?

So I've been doing tarot for a few years now. At the start of 2022, I done 2 readings for the rest of the year: 1 reading using the whole deck to predict what would happen in the world each month, 1 reading pulling 1 card per month to see what would happen in my personal life throughout the year

So far it's been accurate, and I've even had weirdly specific details that came true, too (some were right in a literal sense, some were right in a "ohhhh it was that type of thing" sense, some were just… not.) By specific things, I mean timings of things. I mean deaths. I mean dates. I mean the order things happened in. I mean political things that have happened. I mean world events. I mean things in my family. I mean things in my career.

It's gotten to the point that I'm slightly freaked out by myself…. is that normal to feel???

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