Do you ever use certain items next to your cards in readings?

When I first started researching tarot and cartomancy on the internet I noticed how often times in the pictures of spreads people would display items next to their cards while doing readings. Things like crystals, candles, one hoodoo practioner had an animal skull, etc

I never really understood why this was done but i always felt that the reader drew inspiration from using items like this. So i started doing the same with my own readings.

What are specific objects you lay next to your card spreads and what purposr or symbolism do they serve you?

I used to use a lot of crystals i would buy from stores, until o realized that unfortunately there are a lot of fake crystals out there and I wanted something more genuine to work with.

The only crystals I use anymore are my laboratorie, black obsidian chip, and my red goldstone worrystone. The first two im pretty sure are the real thing and goldstone is a man made stone so i imagine it's not likely to be faked.

The labradorite I read is popular for enhancing psychic ability but the colors also make me think of not only the Aurora lights but the dark waves of the ocean too. I feel like these three stones of mine are excellent for contacting "the other side", and I have three stones of different shapes which to me is perfectly symbolic of thr past, present, and future.

The black obsidian chunk I own I heard was popular for making black mirrors for divination. But also it comes from deep beneath the fiery earth so I feel it holds a connection to The Underworld making it perfect for working with Cthonic deities. Plus when you think about it, it's the perfect symbol of all 4 elements. Fire because it is formed from the fiery lava of a volcano, earth because it comes from the ground, air because of the smoke that rises from an erupting volcano, and water because the stone cools in the ocean while it forms. πŸŒ‹

Goldstone to me seems perfect for doing readings related to money questions. Even though it's bot actually made from gold.

I also use a bag of old copper pennies i have collected (some are wheat pennies and some are Indian Head pennies). These old coins mean many things to me, they're made of actual copper which has its own energy. Pennies were said to bring good luck in the old days if you found one on the ground. My mom used to tell stories of how my great grandmother used to cure warts by "buying" them with pennies, and the ones depicting Lady Liberty/Columbia wearing a Native American headdress is a perfect symbol of the American Goddess. And of course they also seem excellent for money readings and spells since they are coins. I also will use them as offerings at times to contact The Underworld.

I also have collected several small granite stones which can be found everywhere in my state. This was after I decided no more buying crystals that may or may not be real. Natural granite has its own power too, and because many gravestones are carved from granite they "feel" perfect for working with cthonic deities and spirits too.

I've also collected a big glass jar full of dried rose petals which I think will be perfect for love readings. πŸ₯€

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