Do you experience elemental sensations while reading?

While my friends and I were talking about our reading experiences we realized we all experience a different sensation which might be considered elemental. We are not that experienced, usually do readings for ourselves and time to time to close friends. My friend mentioned how he feels like air is blowing to his palms, my other friend said she feels her hand is getting hotter, meanwhile i get strong tingling.

I don't know if it might be related or something else, but while talking we realized those might be different elemental feelings. I get the tingling whenever I focus my energy, not just on my hand. I also feel light electrical shocks a lot more than people around me. In my charts I did realize I lack Earth so I do not know if it's a good thing, maybe I need balance.

My friends seems like they experience wind and fire. I didn't have the chance to check their charts yet, but i was wondering does anyone else experience elemental sensations while reading?

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