Do you get exhausted after a reading?

I'm looking for advice here – do any of you just get utterly exhausted after a reading? This keeps happening to me when I'm reading for other people. When I do readings on myself I feel fine afterwards, but when I read for others I just get dead tired and it takes me a few hours to bounce back. I used to be anemic, and it feels pretty close to that.

Do any of you experience that? How do you manage it? Does it get better with experience, or should I just stop doing readings for people when I have things I have to do afterwards.

Edit: I just realized that I always start with a reading for myself and will sometimes do a reading for someone else afterwards, maybe it’s just because it’s the second one?

Edit 2: Thank you so much to everyone who has offered their insight! I am new(ish) to tarot and it’s my first time posting to this sub, and I’m really impressed with how kind and helpful everyone had been 😊 I’ve learned that I need to do more on my part to protect and prepare myself for reading others. On a physical level I need to do things like eat and hydrate, and on a spiritual level I need to practice grounding myself and keeping my energy separate from the person I’m reading.

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