do you need to believe in a deity to read tarot or is your subconscious enough?

hello, im new to tarot but have been interested in it for several years.

i finally got a deck gifted to me by surprise, and thankfully i resonate with it very well and really like it.

however, everywhere i read about tarot to try and learn more they always mention "spirit guides" or any other diety, and its like tarot is used to ask for guidance from these deities (as far as my understanding goes from what i read). i understand that most people who use tarot do have a diety/spirit guides/ect. but is it necessary for me to do so? im not super religious myself but i do not want to worship or ask guidance from any diety and just see what i need for myself and what the cards expose.

if you do use tarot with deities/spirit guides, more power to you but im curious if it is necessary. i always wanted a tarot deck to see what my own energy/intuition/subconscious(?) is telling me and what i am hiding from myself. is that how it works or should i find other practices that may help with that.

thank you so much in advance for anyone who answers!

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