does anyone have any major arcana only spreads made that i could try?

recently for my birthday my friend bought me my first tarot deck (one that i picked out and connected with) since within their group of people who do tarot readings their tradition is to buy other people their first tarot deck (that they’ve picked out of course) but what we both failed to realize was that the deck i had picked out was only the major arcana! i was thinking that maybe this could be a good way for me to start out, doing smaller readings and such, so i was wondering if anyone had any tips and/or images of spreads that are only the major arcana that i could attempt to us? i don’t feel comfortable enough to make my own spreads yet and the few i’ve seen online haven’t really felt like the greatest options!! i appreciate any help and advice!! i do plan on buying a full deck of 78, but i don’t want these lovely cards to not be used <3

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