Does anyone have any special ways to celebrate or honour a deck?

Something above and beyond taking good care of it and sending good energy its way. This one's not a tarot deck, actually, but a set of Madam Eudora's Fortune Cards. I seriously engage with my readings and build relationships with my decks, but I like to think that I am not particularly superstitious. For two months, this deck screamed at me that I was in a desperately unsafe situation. No matter how thoroughly I shuffled or from where in the deck I grabbed, when asking or meditating about him, I pulled the same card. It warned of adultery, treachery, and gaslighting. It was also his totemic animal (which, if I were superstitious, ought to have been a sign lol) It saved my life: he actually may have killed me, and I was very, very close to killing myself. I often give it a kiss when I walk by, but our wedding anniversary would have been tomorrow; and I am just suddenly overwhelmed with this need to really say Thank You. It could be a ritual or an everyday kind of thing. I am so excited to hear your ideas.

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