Does anyone know of a high quality and maybe slightly altered (ie. gilded or embossed) Thoth deck?

I am looking for a high quality (the quality of a UUSI deck or something similar to Carnival at the End of the World). I am not sure what the copyright laws are for tarot deck intellectual property in the public domain, I know with books that after a certain number of years after the author's death, they enter the public domain. I assume because Rider Waite is so commonly reproduced and reinterpreted, that the same would apply to Thoth. I know it's slightly less popular.

I would also welcome recommendations for Thoth based decks. My favorite is the Zillich Tarot, but I am not that familiar with many more than that. Forgive me if this goes on, I'm very tired.

Edit – some awkward wording from yesterday. Also, the Thoth inspired Labrynthos deck is interesting. I'm also looking for "clones" or Thoth inspired decks.

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