Does anyone struggle to connect to certain suits?

For me it’s the Suit of Pentacles.

I know every card has something to say and it definitely isn’t a good habit to be in, but every time I pull a pentacle card, from the king down to the ace, I just cannot make myself internalize or even really look at the meaning of the card. It’s boring to me, I have to fight just to keep myself from glossing over it entirely ( which happens often actually). With other suits, I can piece together the message pretty quickly and I engage well but it’s like crickets with pentacles.

It kind of makes sense, I’ve never really connected to earth as an element, I’m more connected to air & water, and I even connect to the wand suit better than I do pentacles/earth, which isn’t too surprising as my natal chart is mostly air and water, with fire filling in most of the gaps, with maybe one or two earth signs.

Anyone else have this experience ?

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