Does tarot ever lie?

Maybe that's a weird question, but sometimes I'll ask my deck a question multiple times, and particularly with yes/no questions, sometimes the deck will change answers, like if I ask it again a day/week/month later.

An example of this would be, months ago, I was asking my deck if a person was my twin flame. The answers I got were very consistent. Yes. Yes. Yes. Two of Cups, Temperance, Star, Sun, etc. (I associate the Temperance card with twin flames most) And basically it was very strong and straightforward, like get-it-through-your-head-already. But more recently I was having doubts and so I decided to ask my tarot the same question again. And then it was like: No. No. No. 3 of Swords, 9 of Swords, Moon, etc which really fucked with me but I was like okay, time to cut this karmic off. But every time that I feel I'm ready to cut ties, the deck discourages it, and now I'm getting all of these romance cards, plus Temperance—like wth? So maybe this person wasn't my tf and the deck lied to me because it wanted me to go through this horrendous journey? Soul development or something? I feel like my deck is misleading me. Or am I somehow influencing the cards?

TLDR: Will a deck ever lie to you or confuse you so that you learn a lesson?

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