Does this indicate competition in love?

I thought I would do a spread for what my love life will be like in April. I’ve been single a few months now and have recently got back out there and have been dating, seeing, and hooking up with a few people.

The cards I drew were:

The ace of cups, clarified by the seven of wands.

The seven of swords, clarified by the two of cups.

Four of wands, clarified by the king of cups.

I’ve got some pretty positive cards come out when it comes to love and relationships, however, the seven of swords (always hate this card!) and seven of wands make me think that I might have to be competing for someone’s love as they’re being sneaky – or maybe it’s indicating people having to fight for a spot in my life and I’m the one being sneaky with connections.

With the ace of cups, two of cups and four of wands I’m thinking that maybe I will be meeting someone in April or that a current connection will be deepening in April which could lead to a long term relationship.

What’s other peoples views? Does it sound like I will be needing to compete for someone’s love?

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