does your deck ever tell you something unbelievable?

i use my deck to speak to my spirit guides – they have never been wrong or lead me in the wrong direction. i have every reason to trust them, and i do. but during my reading today i went a little off the beaten path and asked them about the future. i usually keep things short-term, cause i like to focus on what i can do here and now and be in the moment, but tonight we went further, like years further. i’m not comfortable sharing exactly what we discussed, but they were pretty concrete about something that’s going to happen in my life. it’s something that seems so outlandish, like a daydream-come-true, and it’s just throwing me for a loop. idk, this is part-rant part-question. have any of you experienced something like this? how do you fight the feelings of confirmation bias/personal sway? i don’t want my guides to think i don’t trust them, and i don’t want to doubt it so much that i mess it up for myself and push it away from me, but i’m a bit weirded out.

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