Don’t know how to read cards

So I semi-recently got tarot cards because I have always felt drawn to divination which is why I first got into palm reading. I did a bunch of research into Tarot read books andwatched videos. For the most part I am really good at doing basic readings like getting a feel of the person. Problem is I don't know how to do actually questions I guess, especially for myself. I've read every thing I could to just understand how too but it feels like everything expects that you just know. Questions like what are this person's true feelings for me, what do I need to work on to be my best self, etc…I don't know how I am supposed to lay them out and I don't know how to read them it confuses me so much. I feel like I'm stupid for not understanding the basics. Any help would be appreciated!

Edit:Also i know how to do basic spreads i use Celtic cross one all the time. it's weird to me that I struggle so badly with this because when I do the basic readings even for myself the stories just flow I feel at one with my cards if that makes sense I feel this connection with them. I literally dont know how to explain it, its just this overwhelming feeling of understanding and love i guess. I have never felt like this before, they feel like an extension of me. I feel like i sound crazy. But when I try to ask questions i just don't know what to do.

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