Dream interpretation spread!?

Hello guys 🙂

Can anyone please help me interpret this?

I used the dream interpretation spread from the TAROT book by Tina Gong.

My dream was about my ex. Me, his brother and his dad were waiting for him to come back from college. When he came back, I hugged him and told him that, although he hurt me I learned so much from it and it made me who I am today and that I forgive him. We shared a magical kiss. Then proceeded to go out to dinner with him his dad and his brother.

From the book:

1) dreamer (what is your role in the dream): page of cups

2) theme (what is the main message conveyed in the dream) : 6 of wands

3) connected event ( what in your waking life is this dream speaking to) : the magician in reversed

4) what is repressed ( what feelings or thoughts have you not consciously integrated) : the tower

5) lesson (What do you need to learn in this dream in your waking life) : the lovers

Take a look!

Sending you great vibes 🫶

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