dreamed about the death card

y'all, idk if this is allowed but i want to tell a story and you guys can share your opinions on its interpretation!

so, i dreamed about the death, we all know that the death means end of a cycle, right? in my dream, i was in a dark and chaotic place with someone i dont know wether should i leave or not. i was with him, let's call him jake. i was there in the dark and abandoned room while he is struggling about so many things and then i saw a creepy humanoid figure at the window and i came closer to him. he introduced himself, death. he told me that jake made deal with him that if he fails to do so, he will take me away from jake, and then i looked at jake, he's struggling, i feel pitiful so i just decided to go with death without telling jake so i wont feel more pity. and then later while death and i are walking, he took me to an amusement park, to a party, anywhere else fun! as if he's showing me that leaving jake alone to that dark costs my happiness! idk if this is what he really mean but i feel like he's telling me that i SHOULD end it.

the weird and fun thing is, i dont have a tarot deck, i only use an app to practice reading. and, i didn't ask for any tarot's guide because i know how harsh they can be sometimes😭 im just soooo amazed by this!

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