Duplicate card shenanigans, or "How much louder does the universe need to be?"

So this was odd.

For context, I've been starting a new chapter in my life lately and have been renewing my spiritual practice as part of it. This past week has involved a lot of self work on figuring out what the next version of me looks like.

Well, I decided yesterday to finally get my own tarot deck and start learning. I used to throw the runes and spent a while studying the I Ching, but never tarot. So I went to a local magick store, spent like thirty minutes going through their huge library of tarot decks, and walked away with two decks and two books. Of the decks, one (the Light Visions Tarot) had felt absolutely certain the moment I saw it.

After I got home and started looking through the new decks, I noticed that the Light Visions Tarot had a duplicate copy of the Queen of Cups. This seemed odd, so I removed one of the copies and decided to look up the Queen of Cups in one of the books that I had just bought. Finding her didn't take long, because I opened the book right to her page.

And of course, the Queen of Cups reading is a perfect description of my best self and the person I am inspired to continue becoming. The Modern Tarot even included a recommendation that I start volunteering at a homeless shelter, volunteer work that I was already talking with a friend about starting.

So that felt like a pretty cool introduction to the tarot. Well, a few hours later I was in bed and decided to keep looking through the deck and reading more of the meanings for the cards. As I was pulling the cards out, though, my hand slipped and half of the deck fell in front of me. Can you guess which card was face-up?

Queen of Cups. Cups all day baby.

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