Eight of Swords: In favor or against?

Earlier today I used the website Labyrinthos to answer a question I’ve been dreading. I asked if I was reverting (to an earlier psychological and spiritual state of being). The result it gave me was “no“ with the eight of swords. Now initially I was relieved at the answer, but then I was puzzled by the card being the eight of swords. The card typically indicates powerlessness, imprisonment, and victimization caused by one’s own mindset. So if one were to draw this card (Or generate it on a computer or app,) naturally they would think that they were in some sort of danger that they need to get out of. However, from my perspective it was a good thing that the Tarot said no to me reverting. So I thought I would ask the question again to see if I could gain some clarity on the reading. But when I asked the question again, it gave me the answer “yes” instead. That led to me asking the question multiple times and consistently getting the answer yes(I forgot to note the cards that were associated with the answer). Since the answers were radically different from the original, I decided to discard them and try to decipher the original. But I can’t make sense of it. So, I would really appreciate some assistance.

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