Encountered a possible Satan in a Sunday hat scenario

have recently connected with someone on and up and we are both doctors. I just went through the shocking realization from someone who is supposedly interested in me from the past who I had a very nice connection with and decided to be flaky and all to inform me that he just started a relationship. We have not met up, and I’m glad that we didn’t because of this information I just found out. I hate reading my own cars because I feel like I am biased by everything happening and it’s showing up clearly in the spreads even though I’m not inquiring about that situation. Back to the doctor, he is a Gemini and I am wondering if I should go for this. I’ve got a mixed bag in spreads and think it has to do w my current emotional state. My advice In the situation w Dr is Page of wands, lovers, 7 of cups, magician ? Is it me, or is this low vibe advice. Can someone give me their interpretation of this advice?

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