Ever had someone hit on you because you did a reading for them?

I think this is within the rules.

This is annoying me. I try to only use my deck for myself but I know that readings can be encouraging for others, and I’ve been in a rough spot this year and met others in a rough spot. So I’ve been generous and I know my deck is working hard. Sometimes I feel like it’s too much or too tenuous of a connection to the other person.

A friend of a friend wanted a reading. I only met him once in person but I got his phone number and sent him his spread. He replied that it was spot-on (duhhh, I work really hard to properly formulate questions and respect my deck, so of course it’s going to do a good job) and he felt like I understood him yada yada he’s intrigued with me now.

Halfway thinking about joking that the deck says we shouldn’t be together. Funny enough, part of his reading said not to rely too much “on the occult” via my interpretation booklet. But I also don’t joke about my deck. He’s not really into tarot/oracle as far as I know, so I feel pretty disrespected that he probably only asked as a pickup line.

By the way, there’s no financial transactions for my readings.

Has anyone ever had this happen, and how did you deal with it? I haven’t answered him, I’m also thinking about just ignoring him like I normally would, but since my deck is involved and that means a lot to me to share with someone (on a spiritual human to human basis, I’m not interested in him romantically) I feel like I should say something. Tactful, hopefully. TIA

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