Ever listen to a tarot reader and they say every single 12 zodiac sign in like under 2 minutes of a reading?

I never hate on them for it, but it gets me skeptical of certain readers because it comes off like a scam. Like they're just saying whatever, hoping to get money, and making sure it relates to every single person.

They read off the zodiacs super fast too as if they're hoping no one catches it, and just hyper fixates on hearing their sign being called. They pause for a few moments to say the other 4 signs that they didn't mention.

"You could be a leo, sag, pisces, aquarius, aries, taurus capricorn, gemini." *rambles for a little bit. "I'm also getting really heavy scorpio, cancer, virgo, libra vibes as well." Lol. I hope they're being honest and not just buttering their supporters up to fill their pockets.

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