exegesis of philip k dick audio book and looking at the tarot cards to gain divine insights

i have a deck of thoth tarot cards and im looking at them while listening to the exegesis of philip k dick and you can get pretty smart by doing this practice, you might have heard the quote from western esoteric books that with the tarot you could gain universal knowledge and learning in any subject so therefore you can use the tarot to gain universal knowledge in the exegesis of philip k dick, Philip K Dick writing the exegesis is really the Magus card number 1 he is like WHO IS THE MAGICIAN THAT IS GENERATING YOUR REALITY, is the basic premise of who he is writing to. And the tarot would be the macrometasomakosmos the world of forms, of course Philip K Dick said his anima was in fact Holy Wisdom and we see Holy Wisdom is the High Priestess card of the tarot deck so its all interlocking at this substratum

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