Experience with a client got rather draining

I've been doing tarot for over three and a half years, in the beginning for a few months I would feel really drained after some readings. However I got better and haven't had that issue for many years.

A few months ago a fellow tarot reader referred her client to me and since the very first phone call it seems that she has had absolutely no regard for my time and effort.

She asks for a session and when I give her probable timings she doesn't respond to confirm and simply calls around the suggested times to ask for a reading "now". Even when she hasn't asked prior, she calls and asks for readings "now" almost everytime.

When I do readings for her she almost always says it's a quick reading for 15-30 minutes and almost always goes for at least an hour or two. Recently she asked for a short reading, gave me half information and when I told her what I was getting from it she'd say she already knows it's something else. She kept repeating questions, being surprised that I've already answered certain questions multiple times and simply me telling me I was wrong. After a point I was unable to focus on her reading and about two hours in I told her we needed to take a break from the reading and gave her a time for later in the day.

In between when I did a reading for another client I was almost immediately in a better mood with so much more focus and clarity.

When I got back to the previous client I started feeling drained again rather quickly and that day she took a reading for a total of 3½ hours.

Now because she was referred by a friend and I was told that she required a discount I was giving her a 50% discount which is actually for students only. Despite of this she started arguing that out of the 3½ hours I took 2-3 minutes to set up and took 5-10 minutes to answer her question (about how I sometimes don't give a 100% clear yes or no) as well as according to her the "wrong" answers she got for a while in the first reading of the day. After all this disregard she paid only half price for 3 hours on a 3½ hour reading. (I did reduce it because I felt bad on not giving clarity since this hasn't happened in years.)

The disregard for time and arguing for the price happened again about 3-4 days after that and when I told her I was going to charge everybody the same. (I do give discounts to people who need it, in fact done readings for people for a token amount or energy exchange as well. I don't plan to stop that.)

I honestly don't know if I should even continue giving her readings anymore.

I guess this is a little bit of a rant and also me asking for advice.

What are your experiences on this?

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