fear of reading for others?

hello friends! I'm much more of a lurker than a poster here on reddit but I've found myself going back and forth on reaching out about this for some time now and figured since I can't stop thinking about it I may as well toss it out there!

the title says it all really, but a little background in case it might help: I'm not new to tarot, my mom is a skilled reader and has been since long before I was born. our relationship was and continues to be rather distant and strained, she taught me very little herself, but I still grew up around it and as a part of my own personal healing journey I have been diligantly studying and reading for myself for a few years now. I have a handful of both tradtional tarot and oracle decks, genuinely enjoy reading, studying, and spending time with my cards, and feel quite confidant in my skills of interpretation when doing so.

however, I feel as if focusing solely on reading for myself is limiting my ability to continue to grow and learn in the practice. I've done a couple simple readings for close friends who also read with wonderful results and feedback. I felt I learned so much from these readings and many people in my life have encouraged me to offer readings for others, but I find myself ultimately terrified to read for most people, strangers in particular, but friends and family as well despite my positive past experiances. I'm scared my readings may not be acurate, people won't be happy with them, or that the cards simply won't speak to me and I'll be sitting there awkwardly shuffling with no answer to offer.

I do have pretty severe social anxiety so I'm sure thats playing a part, but because I've really never seen/heard anyone speak or ask about this in any community I've lurked in or book I've ever personally read, I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever felt this way about reading for others before? how did you manage to cope with it? I'm sure the solution is really just to bite the bullet and go for it, but I suppose I'm just looking for encouragment or to hear from someone who maybe is/has gone through something similar?

thank you in advance! ❤

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