Feeling down over 5 of cups

I did a general 3 card spread. Idk what kind of a spread I did, I just pulled three cards. I got Temperance, The World, 5 of Cups. I asked for “tell me what I need to know”. My life is really volatile right now. Work isn’t good. I’m feeling down about myself. My husband and I are in a rough patch and he’s going through a lot personally (health wise, mentally, ect)

I keep dwelling on everything negative. Everyday, I’m all over the place. I’m angry, nice, sad, resentful. I feel a lot of overwhelm for my self because I’m all over the place.

5 of cups just kicked me in the gut because everywhere I read it’s like you’re relationship is ending, doom and gloom and my heart can’t take that. I feel like the card just told me that I’m looking at what’s been spilled and not looking at what’s still standing in order to fix things in my relationship.

Idk. What do you guys think of the 5 of cups. I like to think that the cards are like intuition. So the interpretations online are always not applicable but a guide or a general feel. So what do I think of the 5 of cups in this reading…idk. I think the card is telling me that I’m going through disappointment and heartache and I’m seeing everything with a “half glass empty” kind of mentality. We’re still here. We’re still standing and taking it day by day. We still love and don’t want it to end. It’s just been a difficult time.

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