Feeling exposed and awkward after a reading

Hello lovely people. I’d like your perspective on something that happened this past weekend. Long story short, I met up with some new friends and gave a group tarot reading (there were four of us present). It was ok, I was nervous so I didn’t feel as aligned as I have with other readings but everyone was kind so it wasn’t too bad.

One of my new friends offered to read for me in exchange after I did the group reading. I said yes and asked for a general reading, and specifically I asked if my guides has anything they wanted me to pay attention to. Her insights were super on point, to the point that now I’m feeling exposed and awkward especially because we aren’t really close (yet!) and I feel like I kinda unloaded some of my relationship trauma into the space unintentionally. I’m going through some stuff in my relationship that is private and I wasn’t really ready to talk about it with people I don’t know very well but now I guess that doesn’t matter lol. Admittedly I do feel a little judged but maybe I’m just judging myself? Now I’m feeling hyper-conscious about my communication with her and I wish I didn’t because I just want to be friends and not overthink it.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Have you ever been in a tarot reading with people you don’t know very well, and ended up over sharing to the extent of feeling vulnerable? How did you cope?

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