Feeling heartbroken after a reading

Some backstory: My SO went to this local business that specializes in tarot readings the other day. His focus was our current relationship. He wanted to ask if him and I were meant to be and if we would last. Based on what he told me, my SO received a very accurate and detailed reading. The practitioner was spot on with everything they said. However, he was told that I would not be the future partner for him and that there would be another after me that he would share his future with. Ever since then I’ve been consumed with doubts about our relationship and insecurity over who this future partner might be. I really need some advice. I love my partner and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him but I can’t stand the feeling of it all just being temporary.

TL;DR: Got a scarily accurate tarot reading which included insight into my current relationship and how it is only temporary.

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