Finding the tarot deck for you

Earlier i saw a post on r/wicca from someone who seemed to not really be resonating with their deck. The post ended up getting deleted, but I feel there could be others out there that feel the same.

My first ever was a rider waite but super gilded and made of plastic. I was originally attracted to it because i’d read a lot of people saying it was the essential deck. Also, it was so shiny and had black edges. I got the Gold Rimless version. I named this deck Sunburst.

I really do love the deck. It is the deck i take with me in case anyone wants a spontaneous reading mostly because it being plastic and generic, i am less worried about damaging it in my bag.

That said, I must admit my other two decks have very different feels to them. They are each themed towards things that matter to me.

My the next deck i bought was the Tarot of the Divine by Yoshi Yoshitani. This deck spoke to me because growing up Puerto Rican, there were many statues in my house of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is the Empress in this deck. Other than her, this deck has taught me so many stories from different cultures around the world. Truly, the deck is an experience all its own. I named this deck Moonbeam

The most recent deck i got was the Oriens Animal Tarot. Honestly, i just got this because i was looking for a deck with colorful edging and the artwork resonated with me. Once i had the deck, i got to have another learning experience where i got to learn about all sorts of animals i’d never heard of. I named this deck Starfire.

Each one of these decks is a totally different reading experience. If you are not resonating with a particular deck, do not feel like you need to force it. There are so many options out there for you. Find one you LOVE.

If you go on youtube and search for tarot deck collections or unboxings. You will find something that resonates. Trust your intuition if it is telling you something isnt quite for you and find something you love.

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