First reading

I went to a creative market today, although I nearly cancelled due to feeling mentally not okay. I went with my mum, whose told me many stories of tarot cards and going to fortune tellers when she was my age. Well, at this market I got to chance for my first reading and decided to go for it, why not?

I really never thought I would get so much validation and hope from this experience. I've always had vague interests in these things which I've never explored before (minus buying healing minerals and gems) and I really just feel a little more at ease about my life now.

There was recognition of my past traumas, heartbreaks and backstabbing. The reminder that I do have a support system, even if my brain likes to tell me that non of those around me actually care. And a sign that I really do have potential, that life can and will improve, even if it doesn't feel like it will right now. Everything she told me was so incredibly relevant and true in one way or another.

I guess I felt like making this post to get this relief off my chest, to express how comforting this experience was despite really having no idea where it was going to lead. I had a really big "oh shit" moment when the first two cards were turned haha.

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