First Reading in 2 1/2 Months – ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ Spread

My notes taken as I worked through this spread on my own are below with links to my resources, and the way I read the cards based on a spread I wanted to try. Any 2nd opinions, thoughts, or questions are appreciated.

Question: "Are my spirit guides/angels/those looking down upon me trying to communicate with me through angels numbers?"

  1. Factors Supporting
    – 4 of Swords
    – rest, relaxation, meditation, recouperation, contemplation

  2. Factors Against
    – Knight of Swords
    – ambitious, action-oriented, driven to succeed, fast-thinking

  3. What u need to know the most
    – 4 of Cups
    – meditation, contemplation, apathy, reevalutation

overall initial summary:

It is directing me that if they are indeed contacting and/or communicating with me, they would foster and rule for the idea of taking time for self-reflection and self realignment. Once I reached the 4 of Cups, I felt like I understood more what this could mean. I did in fact have an opportunity, that I initially did not take, that could build me up. I declined it as I felt like I had too much respnosibility at a previous job, and I needed to get myself in check before I would take something similar on again. I like the idea of checking in on a 'Soul Level' and checking with yourself on whether to shy away from something or open up to. Maybe that's a way to learn a lesson this lifetime around, and never repeat again. Hm. For the last, almost full year, it's been a tough journey and I have not felt like myself in a long time, and the pandemic kind of made it worse and spiral out of my own control. With some things I'm learning about myself, is it's good for me to plan/have an idea of what I'm doing with my day/time to help keep me on track of myself. So I feel, the Knight of Swords if kind of telling me, "hey, if you don't figure yourself out and get a plan, no one is coming in to save you anymore. save yourself, and you'll be supported along the way.", by spirit guides/angels. And by becoming more in tune with myself, I will thus become intune with them and we can communicate more clearly and I can be a better version of who i am right now. It also blew my mind when the source I read mentioned something about the loss of the '3 of Swords' under the 4 of Swords. I had lost a family member of mine suddenly during the onset of other things, and it definitely aided in the hurt I was feeling at the time. I never really fully healed from it, I've barely spoken to anyone, let alone myself (helps me think) about his passing, and it hurts to pretend it happened ages ago to justify the way I act about it. Recently I have seen a lot of angel numbers at times things seem funny or interesting at least to be noticed in that moment. And I've been kind of intuitively following more of what feel like decisions, and things I would really want to go for. Kind of ties into the idea of checking in with myself.

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