five of swords as a person

what's your take?

i had been talking to this person online for a few months, and things got deep almost immediately. the pattern that started to form quite quickly was that i'd listen to and support / give advice to them while their replies to me when i was the one opening up were less thought out and followed by more of their struggles. there was an inbalance. this person seemed to just wanna talk about their own issues, basking in the drama of it. i think they liked the feeling of me feeling bad for them. that's the picture i got, but i still kept trying my best to make them feel better time and time again to no avail.

i figured i'd pull a card for this person, only to see what the deck would say, if it would confirm my feelings about their intentions. and it did. i got the five of swords and i immediately felt like alright, i'm not gonna put more energy into talking to this person.

so i told them i wouldn't be talking no more for a while, and their answer made everything even clearer. this person was only after the thrill of it. they didn't care about my problems, they just liked the feeling of having someone try to help with all their problems, whether real or made up.

there are many details left out of this story, partly in case they'd come across this post and partly because i don't think it's necessary to go into it more. but i wanted to share my understanding of a five of swords person.

i'm very curious to hear if anyone else has had an encounter with a five of swords person, or if you've just got anything to say about it.

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