Fool reversed as advice, 4 of cups as outcome. I’ll need to make a hard decision soon, so what exactly is this telling me?

For context: my cats in the hospital with kidney failure (he's young with no previous health problems too), I did a spread asking if he'll get better, and if it comes down to it when or if I should put him down. It turned out to be one of the most literal spreads I've ever gotten, but I'm still a little confused on what its trying to tell me. Obviously I'm going to have to make a hard decision, but the fool reversed throws me off. The way I'm interpreting it is that I should just keep going forward (with my cats treatment) even if it seems like it won't work out and theres a low chance of him getting better. In the near future spot I got the 6 of wands so that kind of encourages it, but since I got the 4 of cups as the overall outcome I'm still unsure. I dont want to make a wrong decision and prolong his suffering, but I also dont want to give up too soon. I'm thinking maybe he'll survive this, but end up with a chronic health issue where this may come up again?

I feel like I'm too biased to interpet this the best way possible, any advice is appreciated.

For reference, the spread was a celtic cross. The first 2 cards, the current situation and how I'm handling it, was the wheel of fortune and ace of pentacles. This is pretty literal, I'm being very open handed since I have pet insurance so I'm willing to pay for whatever needs to be done.

The past and near future: 8 of wands, and 6 of wands. Pretty literal, this all happened very fast with practically no warning. And it's been very up and down, I was told to come in today to say goodbye to him, but then by the time I got there suddenly he was doing better, so I have no idea whether this good news will continue or not.

Sub/outer conscious: temperance reversed, and 10 of cups, pretty self explanatory, I'm doing my best to stay as optimistic as possible.

Advice: fool reversed. Outside influence: 3 of wands reversed (this I'm assuming is the vet, some of the vets are more optimistic, and some are advising me against going forward with more aggressive treatments, or telling me that he has a poor chance of pulling through). Hopes/fears: world reversed. Outcome: 4 of cups.

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