for readers with a big amount of experience and skill: how did you go from good to great?

ive been doing tarot for around 6 years now, with breaks included, though i started doing it more seriously (started reading much more often for people in real life, not just on the internet) for about a year. my readings always get good feedback, and sometimes great feedback but i really want to become more anchored in the 'great', with occasional 'Holy Shit'. (it happens sometimes but i want moooore haha)

im currently learning more about the golden dawn system of tarot to gather more additional knowledge outside of my intuitive symbolic reading style. i enjoy reading reading about self development and spirituality the most, though from time to i will indulge in relationship readings. i want to become more accurate about the details and i know i need to experiment, im developing a relationship with my guides and trying to become a better channel but im really curious what helped others

do you recall a moment where your skill had a considerable level up? what helped the most?

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