For those of you who have a long standing relationship with THOTH deck, how did your journey start?

A previous post about what decks one feels connected to had a lot of comments from people who started with the THOTH deck and have found a connection to it and have used it way more than any other decks got me motivated to finally pull my 1978 copy out of my drawer (thanks for the gift, mom!) and give it a go. I already knew that its a complex system and takes years if not a lifetime to fully understand all the esoteric meanings within the cards. I caught a couple of youtube videos that say the THOTH deck isn't so much for divination like the standard RWS system –

So it got me thinking to ask those of you who started with the THOTH deck, was it something you knew took lots of study and did you dive right in with study and working with the deck, or did you get the deck and use it kind of in the normal Tarot card way and eventually evolve into finding all the deeper meanings and then starting to study?

Just curious, I know there isn't really a right or wrong way to use a deck but I also want to be "respectful" (for lack of a better way to say it) of its use.

Blessed Be!

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