Found that the quality of tarot cards is getting thinner and thinner.

I think the quality of the tarot cards is not the same as before. The quality of the tarot cards I bought a few years ago is a little better, and the tarot cards are thicker when you touch them. Before, because I couldn't connect with the tarot cards, the relationship between energy consumption. In addition, after using it for many years, I wanted to replace it with a new one. I bought a new tarot card, which is exactly the same as the previous one. However, when I opened it, I found that I no longer felt that way. The old tarot can feel energy when you touch it, but now the new tarot doesn't feel it, and the quality of the paper you touch is very thin and soft. The previous tarot was very thick, and the cards were harder than the current tarot. Because I bought the same tarot in the same store, it should not be a fake. This store is also famous in the local area. But now I bought a new Tarot and found that the printing and quality are not as good as before. Many times printing is not as bright as it was a few years ago, the thickness of the paper is getting thinner and the price is also rising. I really hope that the tarot card company can check the quality

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